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What a Carve Up! - Jonathan Coe

Penguin Random House Design Award Adult Competition 2014

My cover design explores the protagonist Michael Owen a reclusive writer's obsession with the film 'What A Carve Up!' Set during the 1980s, he constantly watches and obsesses over his video recording of the film and during the events of the narrative his life turns into the film itself. 

My cover represents his own personal video tape and asks the question about the narrative, is it a book or a film? Also the cover explores the concept what would it look like if Penguin were a video tape company during the 1980s rather than a book publishers and so the adapted use of the Marber Grid has been used and carried across the branding of the video tape.

Please note, this cover was not a commissioned piece by Penguin and I do not own the rights to any of the logos featured

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