Life of Pi - Yann Martel

My book cover for Life of Pi explores the key theme stated by the author himself of ‘A Story is better with God’. By focusing on the two separate stories one which represents belief whilst the other empty reality. 

The lasercut slipcase represents God and the theme of belief in many ways, it wraps around, encircling the ‘ocean blue book’. The orange depicts the Tiger who is also a depiction of faith and the design features religious symbols from the three religions Pi follows, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, whilst also containing pictorial representations of the water and the tiger.

Once the sleeve is removed, the solid blue book represents the harsh reality and despair of life without belief, the never ending block of blue much like the Pacific Ocean has no escape and no definable start or finish. Representing the concept that once God is removed emptiness is left.

Please note, this cover was not a commissioned piece by Canongate and I do not own the rights to any of the logos featured

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